If you visit Zakopane

Perfect place to spend your holidays

Zakopane hosts a number of annual festivals, both local such as the Sabała Storytelling, as well as international such as the International Festival of Highlander Music. Due to its spectacular surroundings Zakopane is a perfect place to drop in for a mini-holiday, or a romantic weekend. Would you like to know more? As you head towards Zakopane you can slowly notice the majestic beauty of the High Tatras.

The sharp snowy peaks glisten in sun as you arrive in the city, which lies immediately beneath the mountains. The local people are a unique close-knit group called górale, they are quite brash, yet extremely hospitable. From here you can roam through the spectacular valleys and trails of the Tatra National Park, or try out some of Poland’s best slopes.

Visit Kasprowy Wierch


You can take a cable car to visit Kasprowy Wierch, or take a hike to Gubałówka, or to the picturesque Morskie Oko, or Dolina Pięciu Stawów. Although Zakopane is mostly visited for the raw beauty of nature, there is a lot more to it! The City center is filled with various restaurants and cafes, offering both mainstream, as well as traditional cuisine.

For a break from the wilderness one can spend quality time in the recently opened aquapark , or go shopping on the main street of Zakopane – Krupówki. Let us help you discover Zakopane!

If you’re looking for a place to ski, or snowboard in Poland there is only one place for you: Zakopane. Not only it has the best slopes such as Nosal and Gubałówka, it also has a range of equipment shops and workshops, which will help you replenish, repair, or purchase the equipment you need.

Tatras Mountain

grassMoreover, you can easily find accommodation, in Zakopane – local people are extremely hospitable. Don’t forget that Zakopane isn’t only about winter sports. The best thing in Zakopane is it’s  natural beauty, especially the stunning view of the Polish High Tatra Mountains and the picturesque National Park.

People of every age may find something for themselves, no matter if you seek easy trails like the Morskie Oko trail, or quite difficult ones like the Kasprowy Wierch trail. We recommend to see Chocholowska valley as it’s extremely beautiful during the summer and during the winter as well.  In the evening it’s easy to find a place to relax. There is a variety of pubs and restaurants for a pleasant supper, as well as an aqua park with a bowling center.

Visit beautiful natural places


If you would like to visit Zakopane let’s go on Zakopane tour. If you’re trying to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life, then Zakopane is the right place for you! Just a hundred kilometers out of Cracow one of the most beautiful natural places in Poland – The Tatra National Park is located.

Full of crisscrossing hiking trails in a variety of difficulties, the park is a great place to relax in the natural quiet surroundings. Zakopane is especially tempting to winter sports lovers. It’s easy to find the right slope for you. Slopes such as Gubałówka, Nosal, or Szymaszkowa have an established mark in the Polish winter-loving society. You can also go there with you kids and spend with them amazing holidays indeed.

However, there is more to see in Zakopane than just natural beauty. Every year it hosts a variety of cultural and sports events. That’s why it attracts people from all over Europe to come here. Events such as the International Festival of Highlander Music have attracted worldwide attention. Moreover, only here you can taste the true oscypek. It’s the traditional Polish smoked cheese, made of salted sheep or goat milk. In general, the traditional polish food that you will find in Zakopane is delicious and one of its kind. Zakopane is a place which you can’t fail to enjoy! If you would like to see it, we can help you get there.