Day in Zakopane


Just a hundred kilometers south of Kraków lies the Winter Capital of Poland – Zakopane.

Winter in Zakopane

 Tatra Mountains


This small town situated by the foot of the Tatra Mountains offers an unforgettable view of the Polish side of the Tatra Mountains. It is surrounded by the lovely Tatra National Park and offers a variety of enchanting walkingtrails for the casual tourist, as well as for an experienced hike.

Considered one of Poland’s most illustrious cities Zakopane houses a myriad of cultural events such as the Ski Jumping contest, orthe Tatra May.

Thanks to its large accommodation base Zakopane is the favourite place for Poles to visit for the weekend, especially during Winter when you can enjoy the best slopes in Poland.

Krakow tours Zakopane


Zakopane is in immediate proximity to the Slovakian border, which gives access to the Slovakian hot springs and slopes. Unfortunately the railway connection to Zakopane is poor, therefore it’s best to use private means of transport, or specialized companies such as krakow tours Zakopane, a city where anything is possible, no matter if it’s the frosty winter, or the scorching summer.

Everyone can find something for himself here – there is a variety of pubs and coffee houses. A myriad of walking trails for the casual tourist and a variety of hiking trails for the seasoned hiker. Zakopane lies in the heart of a beautifull dale with an amazing view of the Tatra Mountains.

Tatra National Park


Surrounded by the Tatra National Park it provides respite for people who want to leave behind all their worries and problems. In winter, it is the best Polish ski resort with slopes such as Nosal, or Gubałówka; during summer it’s the base for exploring the Tatras on foot. The unique climate of Zakopane attracted people since XIX century and it’s still a famous health resort. Would you like to know more?

If you’re exploring southern Poland you just can’t miss to visit Zakopane. Known as the Winter Capital of Poland, it is a small city at the base of the Tatra Mountains. It offers a spectacular view of Poland’s highest peaks that amazes during the winter and summer as well. Inhabited by the hospitable, yet fierce gorale(highlanders), Zakopane has been a tempting spot for people looking for some fresh air since the XIX century.

Nowdays, the bustling city allures visitors all year round with the raw beauty of the Tatra Natonal Park and the fabulous skiing and snowboarding slopes. It attrcts with delicious local food as well – a smoked cheese made of salted sheep or goatmilk.